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Formed in 2018, Perfect Garbage is a diverse game studio that loves to mash the horrific and the hilarious, the flashy and the fantastical. Melding genres at the speed of light, we are creating the stories we want to see featuring characters that look like us in the middle of it all— with vision and drive to match.

Also, dang, we really love horror.



Creative Director

She is  known to write horror stories and enjoys exploring complex themes in their media. She also has an intense need to see everything painted in neon lights.


Narrative Director

Word herder and narrative negotiator, frequently found chained to a script, a bark sheet, or a world building document. A bad pun-maker and good time-haver.


Art Director / Audio Director

A bass gremlin and a soft goth weenie, Suvi is the resident noise person. Equipped with a guitar and an edgelord attitude, she’s always ready to make everything sound as extra as possible.


UI / UX Designer

Sonja enjoys long walks on the beach and late nights slaving away in photoshop. One day her plan is to ascend from this mortal plane, but for now she makes UI.



An unabashed computer nerd and game designer. He cranks out code from a small cave chiseled into the side of an active volcano on the outskirts of London.

3D Generalist / Technical Artist

They're constantly coming up with new projects, and love a variety of aesthetics from horrifying to cute. Or horrifyingly cute.

2D Pixel Sprite Artist

Actually a small, magical bear. She uses her secret powers to make pixels move.​

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