Perfect Garbage is an independent video game studio based in Chicago,  though its members are located across the globe. Consisting of a handful individuals from diverse backgrounds, Perfect Garbage works to create games that add new perspectives. Formed in 2019, our first game Love Shore was successfully kickstarted and is currently in production. 

Our mission is simple: tell stories we've always wanted to see, the way we want to tell them. We create games with LGBT+ POC characters at the center. We want to explore genres we've grown used to in new and exciting ways. Despite being a small group, we are incredibly hard working and enjoy teaming up with freelancers to create amazing visuals and sounds. 

Also, dang, we really love horror.



Studio Director, Project Manager

They are known to write horror stories and enjoys exploring complex themes in their media. They also have an intense need to see everything painted in neon lights.



Narrative Design Director

Word herder and narrative negotiator, frequently found chained to a script, a bark sheet, or a world-bulding document. A bad pun-maker and good time-haver.



Art Design Director

They love drawing, horror, sci-fi, and their cats. The first is their profession, and the last are a bunch of raggedy Victorian orphans.



UI / UX Designer

Sonja enjoys long walks on the beach and late nights slaving away in photoshop. One day her plan is to ascend from this mortal plane, but for now she makes UI.



Composer / Sound Designer

A bass gremlin and a soft goth weenie, Suvi is the resident noise person. Equipped with a guitar and an edgelord attitude, she’s always ready to make everything sound as extra as possible.




An unabashed computer nerd and game designer. He cranks out code from a small cave chiseled into the side of an active volcano on the outskirts of London.


3D Generalist / Technical Artist

A technomancer resurrecting the powers of programming of the past to make video games of the future. Easily confused with a raccoon.


2D Pixel Sprite Artist

Actually a small, magical bear. She uses her secret powers to make pixels move.​


2D Pixel Environmental Artist

2D art generalist who likes sunshine, blue skies, and indescribable shambling horrors with too many eyes.