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Remote, Contractual at the Start


  • Create environmental props, backgrounds and level assets.

  • Ability to create urban backgrounds, such as cities, streets, subways, etc.

  • Work with technical artist to implement environmental assets into Unreal.

  • Ability to animate minor props and assets in environment.

  • Ability to translate concept environment art into developed pixel art to be used in game.

  • Willing to communicate consistently with a small team

  • Willing to produce mockups and placeholder assets.

  • Understanding of game development pipelines.

  • Working with art department to create a cohesive visual style.

  • Willingness to discuss foreseen potential areas of trouble so team can adjust before heavy development.

  • Comfortable with horror themes - blood, guts and glory.



  • Practical knowledge of Unreal Engine.

  • Understanding of the pipeline from artistic assets to implementation within engine.

  • Prior experience with working with pixel art in 3D.

  • Prior experience with level and environmental design.

We are looking for bold voices with all levels of experience! If this is you, shoot your portfolio to


Title the email with "JOB APPLICATION - NAME" so we don't miss it!

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